Day 7.

I have a tattoo...it says "Find me courage, Give me strength"  I'm glad I have it on days like yesterday...Yesterday was a bit of a back pedal but in the end I ended up finding the courage and the strength and moved forward non the less.

Everyone is going to have days like my yesterday...the world cannot be a perfect place of beauty all the time...but referring back to my house of cards post....you have the ability to make it that way.  I wrote a lot of yesterday in the sky...its gone now...and my heart is clear.  I found two amazing little people to surround me and brighten my day...and my world became good again. 

Those amazing little people are my children. They are the inspiration for my post today.

As children we see the world as a wonderful place, ALL good, with nothing to hurt us and nothing to fear about the future.  Just happiness, imaginations and the odd amazing phenomenon of a rainbow.  Somewhere along the line of a child and an adult, this is lost. The world seems like a place of habitat and nothing else, full off people you pass every day, not knowing, caring, or seeing who they really are.  Children are curious...each discovery in the world takes hold of them   How grass grows, the largest tree they've ever seen, waterfalls, mountains, the sky, how clouds make shapes....when was the last time you laid on the ground looked up and found shapes in the clouds. Take time to embrace the beauty of a child find good in the world, find happiness in the simplest things in nature...enjoy what you are given...and breathe.....

Peace, Love, Luck & Happiness...xo

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