Day 18.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say....this is soooo important. because what you say can effect who hears it forever.  It can change the way they think about you...the way they look at the world...or even the way you think about yourself.

EVERYONE does it.  Once in a while...in the heat of the moment...someone says something they wish they could take back.  But the fact of the matter is you can't.  They can choose to write it in sand and let it be forgiven, but it will never be taken back.  And if you persist to say things you don't mean, as many times as they write it in the sand to forgive you...they will grow tired.  The will maybe choose not to place you into their house of cards once your words have knocked it down once again.

Children are SUCH a big part of this.  They are like sponges. Their minds remember EVERYTHING! Sometimes it's not even something worth remembering.  But they will.  When you say something to a child or that a child over hears it changes their outlook on the world.  Their outlook on you.  They are looking to you for guidance to be a role model.  A mentor.  Show them what a good human being is...what it is to love one another...to nurture.  They are looking for safeness, support, and acceptance.  Don't use words that could alter what a beautiful life they could grow up to have...it's the one thing to look forward to in life for a child...growing up...

Peace, Luck, Love & Laughter...xo

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