Day 29.

You don't have to prove to anyone that what you are saying is truth or fiction.  If in your heart you know and believe it's true...that is all that matters...People may judge you and think they know who you are based on prejudice but at the end of the day...what you know in your heart is what matters.

They can call you down and make you feel poorly about yourself if you let them....IF you let them...so don't....They can call you a liar for a truth you are stating...but that doesn't matter because YOU know that you are telling the truth.  They can make their own conclusion based on hearsay or not having all the facts...but at the end of the day...when all is said and done...the only person that can make you feel like you are not truthful to yourself is YOU...

There's trend here...to most my posts...it all starts and ends with you...be your own kind of beautiful...

Peace, Love, Luck & Laughter...xo

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