Day 4.

Music is what feelings sound like.  ~Author Unknown
Yesterday was a lonely day...and I started it off by listening to some pretty sad songs...but then I realized...
There's been times in my life, more often than not, when music takes over my mood.  It has a power over me that can change my way of thinking. As I am sure it does with most of you. For instance : A choice in song when you are sad can make you even more down in the dumps and a in that same moment of sadness an upbeat good memories song can make you happier and lift your spirits. 

So why as humans when we are sad and turn to music do we play sad songs that only bring us more tears? 

I'm changing that cycle in my life...today, tomorrow, and everyday...

"When your happy like a fool,
Let it take you over,
When everything is out,
You gotta take it in..."

I love the verse above from the song "Good Life" One Republic.  To me the whole entire song has great meaning...but that one verse really grabs hold and brings a smile to my face, enlightens my heart, and lifts my spirits.

Today...let music lift your soul...put on a great tune, throw on some dancing socks...think of me and..be happy like a fool...dancing around in your living room with the most important person in your life.....YOU.  Heck...even belt out a few chorus in an off tune...as long as it makes you happy.

Peace, Love, Luck & Laughter...xo

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