Day 5.

I'm extremely excited about today's post.  Why you ask?? Well....today's positive and inspiration is ALL ME...that's right...no quotes and stories from other people...this one came from me...which means...I'm healing....my soul searching is leading me to find inner peace within myself and in life's everyday beauty.  It's only day 5 and I've had a break through.

So I'll begin what I've learned.

I was playing cards with my 3 year old son..."go fish" to be exact.  After we were finished, I thought, I haven\t built a house of cards in ages...so I started...

My first few attempts I couldn't even get a starting piece.  Then I figured to give a base to it that wasn't so slippery.  I layed cards flat on the table to give it that friction..simple enough solution right? 
I started to get the knack again, getting a few more pieces added each time before it fell again...I realized the more tense I got the harder it was getting....but I also realised how to acheive the best house was to add more cards to keep it sturdy.  So with deep calming breathes I started again.
I use to be soooo good at building them...several stories high really...but yesterday I couldn't even get two levels.  I may not have got the levels but...something hit me...as the house fell on my last attempt of the day. 

Here's what I learned.

Life is like a house of cards.  It truly is...It is fragile and needs strength to hold it together.  It can be grand and beautiful if you build it to be.  Sometimes, things happen to knock it down...some of these things could be uncontrolled like wind but others may be from someone damaging it, sometimes it's the slightest disturbance that breaks the house but impacts it just the same.
However it falls, with patience determination and strength you can rebuild it...you can choose the same structer or you can build it differently.  Some of the cards that held the house together before may not get placed in the house again but replaced with different cards that are equally as fitting.  You can choose the cards just as you can choose the people in your life.  Are they damaging the structure?  Or are they helping it to stand?  The most beauitful thing about life...and a house of cards...is you can add and take away cards as you please...you can choose to only use the good cards that will enhance your house and to avoid the ones that will help it fall before they are even placed in your structure.
My house of cards has fallen but I'm determind to build it with strong supporting walls, a strong core of family and friends, and more heart than ever before....some cards will not be used in my house again while others might be added again at a later time...the end result will be beautiful.

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me...try building one...you will see what I mean....life is full of simple pleasures...you just have to look...there's a lesson in every day.

Peace, Luck, Laughter & Love...xo

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  1. Megan5.1.12

    this is beautiful.
    really inspiring <3