Day 14.

It is what it is....

The gifts and blessings you are given in life are more often seen.  Not many times when something is done or happens to us that is nice do we go without noticing.  At those moments we take it for what it is.  Never questioning.

When something ill-fated happens to us we ponder on why good things happen to bad people...or why me what did I do to deserve this....a lot of people also work off Karma thinking that they have done something to someone that the are being punished.  I know for a fact now...that when bad things happen...it's to build you...build your character.  To "see what you are made of..." 

A lot of times we choose the path we take in life but when something obstructs your path like an obstacle, you then can choose two things....to cry why me...OR to accept it for what it is and find a solution.  You may be on that path a long time trying to figure it out...or you may have realized that you need to go back to walk back and take another route or revisit and old path but in the end you will receive a reward.  Maybe it's something good that has been done for you....maybe it's a blessing in disguise or maybe it's just self reward that you have gotten through something, become stronger and have proven to yourself if no one else that YOU CAN.

There really is nothing better than knowing you have done what you believe in your heart is right and accomplishing something you never thought possible!

Peace, Love, Luck & Laughter...xo

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