Day 6.

The ability to have feelings and express them in this world is AMAZING...just think...the human body reacts to pain by retracting, a death by tears, happiness with a smile and a great joke by laughter (I heard a great one today)  What a wonderful gift we were given to FEEL...

I truly believe writing is a good way to heal your soul.  It lets you release what you are feeling without holding it inside...

When things happen in your life you have two choices...you can choose to remember or you can choose to forgive/forget.  So I ask you...will you write your feelings on a stone...or in the sand.

I have had a lot of pain in my life...there are some people who have seen more...and some who have seen less.  I could live with resent for the people whose lives have been more blessed and hold onto the pain that others have caused me or I have caused myself...but why?  Why would I, and Why have I?  Why have I written these feelings in stone?  To keep always, never to be distroyed?

Today I choose to write those feelings and hurt in the sky where they will disappear and not be seen or thought of again...I will let them go with the wind. 

I will crush the stones I have written on and I will write them in the sand on the beach to be washed away by the waves never to be re-written.  I will clear my soul of the negative things that no longer make me who I am. 

The memories I treasure will remain on stones...on paper in pen and etched on my heart forever cherished.  Kept close and kept the positive to make a brighter life filled with only the best.

Where will you write your world...in stone...or in the sand...?

Peace, Love, Luck & Laughter...xo

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