Day 21.

We cannot adjust the wind...but we can direct the sails...

There's so much meaning I take from this quote...it's going on my children's walls one day.  So they can ready it everyday and one day get something our of it when trouble comes their way.

Really think about it...life hands you situations you can't always control happening...like a breakup...but it's how you deal with them that makes all the difference...you can give up...letting yourself fall into the storm and depression...or you can adjust the sails, pulling yourself out and away from what could be a bad situation and find another path to happiness.

Maybe it's finding yourself...going on a path following which ever way the wind leads you...being directed by someone else until you learn...your going into merky water and in a destructive path that would potentially damage who you are...or damaging your boat and effecting how your boat will sail for the rest of your life's journey.  It's time for you to take control of that...use it...change the direction of your sails...turn and make the right adjustments to keep you on a path you choose for yourself...not that the wind has chosen for you...

Adjust your sails...to suit yourself in all and any of lifes situations...make the journey an amazing one...

Peace, Love, Luck & Laughter...xo

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